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Vanessa Senni

Certified Health Coach and 
Personal Trainer




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Living Lean: 

Ditch the Diets and Transform Your Body in 90 Days (1:1 Coaching)


You're a unique individual; no one else on the planet is exactly like you.  Your likes and dislikes, challenges and obstacles are uniquely yours.  Your habits are uniquely yours.  This is PRECISELY why other programs have not helped you lose weight and keep it off.... They are one size fits all; you're not.  They DON'T address the things that are unique to you, but that's EXACTLY what 1:1 coaching allows me to do.


You're tired of yo-yo dieting.  You're tired of not having enough energy. You have an idea of the life, body and health you want but don't know how to get there.  Contact me for a free strategy session.  I can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 


  • Get crystal clear on what is your ideal vision for your health, weight, energy, life; and uncover what might be stopping you, slowing you down or preventing you from having what you want

  • Bring into focus the challenges you're experiencing or what's NOT going well

  • Know exactly what to do next to in order move forward

I invite you today to click the button below to schedule a free strategy session and discover what I can do to help you get the body you want so you can live the life you want!!!​