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Vanessa Senni

Certified Health Coach and 
Personal Trainer




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I contacted Vanessa of Body Works in search of a way to shed my final 10 pounds.  I thought I would be logging food, counting calories and expanding my exercise routine.  Boy was I wrong!  Body Works is a totally different approach to analyzing not just my eating patterns but the lifestyle and choices that affect my eating, my weight and my health.

For me, Body Works was a seven week journey of looking at EVERYTHING that causes changes in my weight.  It combined scientific principals with in-depth discussions and attainable solutions to habits that were keeping from my health goals.


Vanessa is a great listener.  She really took into account my personal situation, likes, and dislikes and then helped me to make choices that work for me.  Yes I lost weight, but more importantly I changed  habits and decisions regarding my eating that will last me a lifetime. This is unlike anything I have ever tried before and at 55 I feel healthier than ever!

Thank you Vanessa!!         - Michele                       

I went through Vanessa’s individuals coaching sessions from Thanksgiving though the new year and IT WORKS! Usually I gain 5 pounds over the holidays and a vacation and I ended up loosing 15. That didn’t include rigorous workouts every day. It was real life, habit changing practices that I began implementing. A few weeks in I was unconsciously practicing them and still am. I was a fad diet person, and they do not work. This works and is a life changer!      -  Samantha Louise, March 24, 2018

Going on week 5 with Vanessa Senni as my Certified Health Coach has been an "eye opener" to me. Not only am I learning better choices of foods but also being very mindful of what I'm feeding my body and why. I feel more positive about myself and most importantly I'm taking care of ME!! Every week I get to converse with my Health Coach for 60 minutes and she introduces me different topics that I wasn't aware of. I find this very beneficial to me. I've also reached out to Vanessa on occasions when I had a question arise and needed her advice. Her response back to me was spontaneous. I have tried other nutritional programs in the past but I find Body Works is a more personal and holistic approach to better health. Also, did I mention how inspirational Vanessa makes me feel by the end of my 60 minutes! Yes, I certainly feel like I need this in my life.. I can't wait for next session with Vanessa. 😊

Experiencing the past 12 weeks with you as my BodyWorks, Health Coach.   “Living Lean:  Ditch the Diets and transform your body in 90 days” was more than what I imagined.  Our weekly one-on-one sessions  were beneficial and focused on ME!   This is something that I never experienced before with other programs. (I’ve tried various nutritional programs in the past and saw results, however, it was an expense and when I stopped using their products and the weight would come back)   

You’ve  HELPED ME be aware of  “setting my intentions” and being “mindfulness” of what I’m eating. There were changes that I made in my lifestyle (working nightshift for years) that made a big  difference on how I feel.  I gave it a try and I’m glad I did! Also, there were times I thought I would give up and was upset with myself, but you ALWAYS would get me “back on track ‘ with your positive feedback which I needed.  Taking care of ME and what’s best for “Maria” ( which you stressed with each conversation was the highlight of this 90 day program to help to  reach my goals that I set from the beginning in week 1).  I now realize what I have to do to take care of myself but with you there to confide this wouldn’t of been possible.  I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me along this journey and   I will continue to carry on  what I have experienced in these past 90 days for me to stay healthy inside and out! :) .      - Maria G.


I met Vanessa about a year and a half ago when she became my personal trainer. At the beginning of our sessions I was quite deconditioned. She was always very encouraging and optimistic. She gave me the reasons to continue week after week. I am a Weight Watchers life-timer but realized very quickly that my choices were not necessarily the most healthy options. I joined Vanesa’s ‘30 day Get Ready for Summer Group’ to learn more about nutrition and healthy food choice options for living. Although I thought I knew an extremely lot about diet, exercise and nutrition, Vanessa’s added experience in her new Career path as a health coach provided me with more information than I ever thought possible. I have never been a planner when it comes to food and nutrition but learned the basics which has made my life less stressful overall and that contributes to my overall emotional health. And to top it all off, since I’ve been working with Vanessa since  March 2017, I’ve lost over 20 pounds and I’m back to the healthy weight and higher energy levels that I was approximately 8-10 years ago with muscle definition that’s not so bad for 56-year-old. I thank you Vanessa for helping to change my life for the better.                - Kathie

I first met Vanessa a few years ago as a personal trainer and it worked out really well!!!  Recently, Vanessa reached out about her coaching  program and I gave it a try.  Best thing I did!!!  I lost almost 25 pounds in 3 months and am now so conditioned on what I eat and exercise that it has changed my life forever!!!  Thank you, Vanessa!!!                        - Lyn R.